Smart Wireless Vibration Sensor

What is P-Cube?

P-Cube is a triaxial wireless vibration sensor that also measures temperature. It features the state-of-the-art vibration measurement technology. Its smart design makes continuous vibration monitoring an easy task to do. What you need to do is installing it on your machine, doing a quick setup using your phone with our Easy Setup App, and the P-Cube will start sending data to the Dashboard.

P-Cube measures machinery vibration with high resolution and high sampling rate. This ensures the quality of vibration data to establish a world-class vibration monitoring program for your rotating machines.

P-Cube sends data directly to the Cloud-based Dashboard using Wi-Fi. So there is no need to any wiring or Gateway installation.

How to Monitor Your Machines using P-Cubes

Why is Machinery Vibration Monitoring Important?

Vibration monitoring is one of the most effective ways to detect and prevent machinery failure or downtime.
It gives us an understanding of the ‘health’ condition of the machine. We can use this information to detect problems that might be developing including imbalance, misalignment, looseness, bearing wear, and gear defects.
Detecting the problems and performing the required maintenance action will save a lot of time, money, and frustration. These problems are worth avoiding as the costs of dealing with them are large and far exceed the cost of reasonably priced machinery vibration monitoring programs.

How P-Cube Can Help?

With its small footprint and lightweight design, P-Cube is the best machinery vibration monitoring solution. With its long-lasting battery and advanced sensors, it only needs an easy quick setup and can work out of the box. P-Cube collects your machinery vibration and temperature and syncs them automatically with our Cloud. Through its continuous stream of data, it can provide you with a detailed breakdown of the machinery health status. It provides various vibration monitoring and analysis tools including trend plot, FFT and waveform plot, envelope (demodulation) plot and much more.

P-Cubes Installations on Industrial Machines

A Vibration Monitoring Platform Built to Work

P-Cubes are designed to work out of the box. After registering them into your Dashboard in our Cloud , they  start working and sending data. Vibration monitoring can not be simpler than this!

Advanced Sensors

No cables, wires, or technicians are required to set up the P-Cube. It would start working when you attach it to your machinery and equipment.

Powerful Battery

With our dedicated application, add as many devices as you like to your account with a breeze. Connecting your devices has never been easier.

Setup & Go

P-Cube works out of the box with no configurations. With the most reliable software, a lasting battery life, and great performance it is ready to take off. It is designed in a way that makes  machinery vibration monitoring easy and effective.

Automatic Syncing

P-Cubes automatically transfers the collected data to your Cloud account, so you don’t have to worry about missing any details.

Meet P-Cube and its Accessories:

P-Cube box includes anything you need to install and maintain the sensor. This includes:

  • A 20 Watts Fast Charger and Type-C Cable
  • A powerful magnet for mounting
  • Studs and bolts for mounting

Other supplies such as adhesives, mounting adapters, etc. are available as extra options.